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How to Use VVDI Super Chip & Mini Key Tool Clone Ford Mazda 8C

uobdii | 13 August, 2019 22:54

Here uobd2 show you the test report on VVDI super chip and VVDI Mini Key programmer to clone Ford Mazda 8C.

VVDI2  v6.5.0 or newer version

Put the original car key into the coil for identification.
Tap “Transponder Clone”.


Tap “Read Transponder”.


Select “Ford/Mazda 8C clone”.


Start Clone.


How to Use Foxwell NT530 to identify Vehicle VIN?

uobdii | 01 August, 2019 07:18

Here UOBD2 show you the guide on how to use Foxwell NT530 to identify vehicle identify number.

How to use the Foxwell NT530 scanner to identify the specifications of the vehicle under test.The vehicle identification information presented is provided by the ECM of the vehicle being tested.Therefore, certain attributes of the test vehicle must be entered into the scan tool to ensure the datadisplays correctly. The vehicle identification sequence is menu driven, you simply follow the screen prompts and make a series of choices. Each selection you make advances you to the next screen.Exact procedures may vary somewhat by vehicle. It typically identifies a vehicle by any of thefollowing means:
Manual selection

Foxwell NT530 Smart VIN Mode:
Smart VIN allows to identify a vehicle by automatically reading the vehicle identification number (VIN).
To identify a vehicle by SmartVIN:

1. Scroll with arrow keys to highlight the vehicle application from main menu and press ENTER.


2. Select SmartVIN from the menu, and press the ENTER key.


3. The scan tool starts to communicate with the vehicle and read the Vehicle Specification or VIN
Code automatically.


4. Answer YES if the Vehicle Specification or VIN code is correct and a menu of controller selection

displays. Answer NO if incorrect, and you are required to enter the correct VIN number manually


Foxwell NT530 Manual Selection

Manual Selection identifies a vehicle by making several selections according to certain VIN characters, such as model year, and engine type.

To identify a vehicle by manual vehicle selection:

1.Scroll with arrow keys to highlight the vehicle application from main menu and press ENTER.


2.Select Manual Selection from the menu, and press the ENTER key.


3.On each screen that appears, select the correct option and then press the ENTER key. Do this until the complete vehicle information is entered and the menu of controller selection displays.


CGDI Prog Latest Update on FEM/BDC Operation Notes

uobdii | 16 July, 2019 23:01

This article is to share the newest info of CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Key Programmer. Include latest update info, FEM/ BDC operation notes.

CGDI BMW Earth-shaking Update (June 11th, 2019)
1.Add BMW E-series iDrive Coding

2.Add BMW Diagnosis and support BMW E/ F/ G series DTC reading and clearing.

Note: CGDI prog BMW diagnostic function can free open and upgrade

Learn more update info as below
CGDI Prog BMW V2.6.0 Update (March 5th, 2019)
1Added: EWS1-3 key matching function
2The E-code is modified to modify the VO code function, and the VO code can be added or deleted directly by the selection method, and the operation is simpler.
3The BMW data modification adds support for both N13 and N55 engine data.

Free download link:

BMW FEM/ BDC Operation Notes
FEM/BDC installation location

Chips Operation location Display
95128 IC location


95256 IC location

Key learning position

Article from:

TOPDON ArtiPad I:How to Feedback Diagnostic Logs?

uobdii | 15 July, 2019 23:35

TOPDON ArtiPad I have diagnostic logs feedback function,you can feedback the your diagnostic logs to TOPDON engineer.

This item allows you to feedback your diagnostic problems to us for analysis and
Tap “Feedback”, a pop-up message will appear:


Tap “CONFIRM” to choose the vehicle diagnostic record page.


A). Tap the desired vehicle to enter the TOPDON ArtiPad I Diagnostic Tool diagnostic log selection page.


Select the check box and tap “Submit”. A screen similar to the following will


Choose the failure type and fill in the detailed failure description in the blank text
box and telephone or email address. After inputting, tap “Submit Result” to send
it to us.

B). Tap “History”, the diagnostic logs marked with different color indicate the process status of the diagnostic feedback. Green/Red/Blue means the diagnostic feedback is fixed/pending/in process respectively.

For more details about  TOPDON ArtiPad I Diagnostic Tool,please check here:

VXDIAG VCX SE BMW Diagnostic Tool Reviews

uobdii | 09 July, 2019 22:50

Here is a mini post on VXDIAG SE BMW Diagnostic Tool Reviews

1.ECU Upgrade Programming coding,change vehicle configuration VO,import vehicle FSC activation code
2.Matching control unit sets code,changes vehicle configuration and activation code,deletes hidden function
3.Import/Export Data
4.Flash programming of Control Unit
5.ECU version upgrade/downgrade,ECU repair after ISSS programming Failure
6.Manual input parameter reading module,reset fault software/hardware Number
7.Vehicle Diagnosis,Delete Fault code,read vehicle data
8.Brush Hiding function,circuit parts drawing query,accessories query,etc.
How to Connect VXDIAG VCX SE Between BMW & PC?
Connect VXDIAG VCX SE BMW to BMW vehicle obd port directly,or you also can connect it by connector,then connect VXDIAG VCX SE BMW to PC by connector cable.

Autel MaxiIM608 Test on Dodge Smart Key PIN Code

uobdii | 02 July, 2019 23:03

This test report feedback from our customer real test project,he use this new product Autel MaxiIM608 to read PIN code for Dodge smart key.

Operation Procedures:
Connect Autel IM608 to vehicle,then enter menu to select “Dodge”
Autel MaxiIM608 Read PIN Code for Dodge Smart Key (1)

Select “Smart Mode”
Autel MaxiIM608 Read PIN Code for Dodge Smart Key (2)
Turn the ignition on
If it is old pre 2006 model,please give priority selection to “Manual Selection” or “System Selection”!
Autel MaxiIM608 Read PIN Code for Dodge Smart Key (3)
Establishing vehicle communication
Autel MaxiIM608 Read PIN Code for Dodge Smart Key (4)
Select “knob-style smart card”
Autel MaxiIM608 Read PIN Code for Dodge Smart Key (5)
Switch the ignition off and then on again,make sure the engine off.
Autel MaxiIM608 Read PIN Code for Dodge Smart Key (6)
Establishing vehicle communication…
Autel MaxiIM608 Read PIN Code for Dodge Smart Key (7)
Switch the ignition off and then on again,make sure the engine off.
Autel MaxiIM608 Read PIN Code for Dodge Smart Key (8)
Establishing vehicle communication…
Autel MaxiIM608 Read PIN Code for Dodge Smart Key (9)
Then you will get the PIN code:8095
Autel MaxiIM608 Read PIN Code for Dodge Smart Key (10)

Yanhua ACDP Program New Key for VW Passat MMC All Keys Lost

uobdii | 19 June, 2019 23:16

This article show you the procedures on how to use Yanhua Mini ACDP programmer to program new keys for VW Passat MMC all key lost programming.

More Yanhua Mini ACDP post,please check here:Yanhua Mini ACDP

1). Yanhua ACDP basic module
2). VW MQB/MMC Instrument Module6 + authorization

3.Software installation:

Yanhua ACDP Software Installation Download Guide for Iphone IOS
Yanhua ACDP Software Installation Download Guide for Android

Step 1: Download, install, settings
* Take Android Phone for example.
1). Browse (Yanhua ACDP official site), click on "Resource download". Donwload "ACDP Android APP", use my phone to scan the QR code.
yanhua-acdp-android-install-04 acdp-android-qr-code-05

2). Get the link: https://www. , click on it to download. Click the icon in the top right corner showed in the picture and open it in the corresponding browser.

3). If you can't see the icon shown as following image 1, tap "Mine", then "System settings", then "App and resource update" , then " Resource file update" and "Resource fix" (image 2), finally, you get to normal menu (image 3)
yanhua-acdp-android-install-07 yanhua-acdp-frm-programming-08 yanhua-acdp-frm-programming-09

4). Bind your ACDP to the computer & register the account.
Any question, just tap "Manual" for instructions.

Step 2. Perform VW MQB MMC mileage correction
Tap "VW" and get options:
MQB Platform Instrument
Passat MMC Meter (2015- )
Touareg (2011 -)
yanhua-acdp-menu-11(01) yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-11

1) MQB Platform Instrument with ACDP:
Instrument with NEC35xx (Continental /VDO)
yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-12
Adjust mileage
yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-13
Auto mode and Advanced mode
yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-14
Tap "Auto mode" then get option " Adjust mileage".
yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-15
Tap " advanced mode" and get options: reading mileage, adjust mileage, backup data, recover data etc.
yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-16
2) Passat MMC meter (2015 -) with ACDP:
NEC D70F3525 + 95320
yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-17
Tap "Help" for wiring diagram
yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-18 yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-19 yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-20 yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-21 yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-22 yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-23
Go on......
As you can see, you will feel easy to use Yanhua ACDP to perform MQB Platform Instrument and Passat MMC meter (2015 -).

MQB VAG Programmer

CK360 Easy Check Tester Identify VW MQB-A and MQB-B Key

uobdii | 05 June, 2019 22:56

CK360 Easy Check Remote Tester is a new Remote Key Tester for Frequency 315Mhz-868Mhz & Key Chip & Battery 3 in 1, also support Mercedes infrared key detection and Intelligent signal detection,best choice for technicians and repair shop.And here OBD2 will show you how to use it to detect VW MQB keys,include MQB-A and MQB-B.

Note:VVDI Mini Key Tool,Tango and Handy Baby 2 can not identify MQB-B key,but CK360 tester can

CK360 Tester Identify VW MQB-A and MQB-B Key:
Power on CK360 Easy Check tester, then select key identification menu and put the key on the coil.
Press power button


Then CK360 will start key identification,please wait


Now it show the key information:
49+ type


And  press back button,then put another key on the coil


Press power button to start identification
Show the key information:
48 type



More detail about CK360 Remote Tester,please check here:

How to Use SEC-E9 Machine Cut Tubular key?

uobdii | 23 May, 2019 23:18

In this article keycuttingmachine will show you how to use SEC-E9 machine to cut tubular key,hope it helps!

what is a tubular key?
Tubular keys are short keys with a hollow shaft most often used to open vending machines to retrieve coins and cash. A universal tubular key is one that is cut to fit a set of machines so that there is not a separate key for each machine.

How to do tubular key cutting?
First you should have a key cutting machine for tubular keys
Tubular keys can be cut with SEC-E9 key machine.

Second you need a tubular key clamp

This is the tubular clamp tested ok with the SEC-E9 machine

Third, here is the tubular key list done by SEC-E9

Car Brand Model Year IC Card
AGA AGA 0-0 8647
AGA AGA 12 CSS2 0-0 8648
AGA AGA 42 0-0 8649
AGA AGA 39 0-0 8650
AGA AGA 37 0-0 8651
AGA AGA 0-0 8652
AGA AGA 0-0 8653
AGA AGA 0-0 8654
AGA AGA 0-0 8655
AGA AGA 0-0 7096
Beaver Beaver 0-0 6559
Bilma Bilma 0-0 8608
Bumil Bumil 0-0 6558
Chicago Chicago 0-0 6543
Dynaconsult Dynaconsult 0-0 6556
Fort Fort 0-0 6557
Fort Fort 0-0 6549
Lowe&Fletcher Lowe&Fletcher 0-0 6551
LYF LYF 0-0 8606
LYF LYF 0-0 8607
Meroni Meroni 0-0 6546
R.O.C. R.O.C 0-0 6550
R.O.C. R.O.C 0-0 6552
R.O.C. R.O.C 0-0 6553
Ronis Ronis 0-0 6554
SAG SAG 0-0 8656
Sentry Sentry 0-0 6555

Fourth, SEC-E9 and tubular key test report
Tubular key cutting done with SEC-E9 key cutting machine:
tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-1 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-2 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-3 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-4 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-5 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-6 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-7 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-8
tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-9 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-10 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-11 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-12 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-13 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-14 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-15 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-16 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-17 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-18
tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-18 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-20 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-21 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-22 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-23 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-23 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-25 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-26 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-27 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-28
tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-29 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-30 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-31 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-32 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-33 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-34 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-35 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-36 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-37 tubular-key-cutting-sec-e9-key-machine-38

CGDI MB Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection

uobdii | 07 May, 2019 22:52

For traditional method for Benz EIS data collection,it will take you about several hours.It is inefficient,so here I share the guide on how to solve Benz EIS data collect inefficiently,here I take Benz W164 as example.
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (1)

CGDI Benz Prog
CGDI Benz AC Adapter

And for the Benz key programming you can reference this video guide:

Run CGDI MB Monster software and select “Wiring Diagram”,then check the wire harness diagram
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (2)
Follow the wire diagram to build wire harness connection
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (3) Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (4)

Select “EIS” option at left menu bar,then click “Read EIS data”
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (5)
After reading EIS data,click “Compute Password” at left menu bar
Chose “Copy key without key”,and click “Collect Data”.
Then select “Platform mode(Quick collect)” and click “OK” to start data collection.Note:Here need CGDI MB AC Adapter
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (6)
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (7)
Please insert the simulation key within 1 minutes,if you have inserted,please pull out and try again.
(Please turn the quick collect adapter switch to the Platform position.Turn the key to ignition ON position)
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (8)
It will take you about 6 minutes to collect data,please wait…
Note:By traditional method,you need spend hours
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (9)
After data collection completing,save the data on your laptop
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (10)
Then click “Upload Data” button to upload the data you save just now for password caculation
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (11)
Upload data successfully,please click “Query Reqults” buttons to query
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (12)
Calculation successfully
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (13)

How to Connect Yanhua ACDP to Your Mobile Phone

uobdii | 30 April, 2019 00:31

Here comes the guide on how to connect  Yanhua ACDP to mobile phone.If is necessary for fresh man on first time user to get it.And for more article about Yanhua Mini,please check here:Yanhua Mini ACDP Tech

Here is a Youtube guide on how to use Yanhua Mini ACDP: 


1Open the Bluetooth and connect the WiFi


2Open the ACDP on your phone and click setting as the following icon;Click “Initial use settings”


3Following the directions: press and hold the “SET” button on the ACDP device for about 7s till the device’s buzzer sounds, then release the “SET” button. Then click “Next”;


4Choose the device;


5Enter the password of WiFi, then click “Start configuration”;


6Bond the device;


7Bonded successful as the following.



 Article from Yanhua Mini Tech Blog:

Launch X431 CRP429C Smart & Manual Diagnostic Guide

uobdii | 17 April, 2019 23:15

Here obd2 share the guide on how to use Launch X431 CRP429C smart & manual diagnosis function.

Launch CRP429C Smart Diagnosis:
After connection, turn the ignition key on and the system enters auto-detect mode.
Note: To detect more and accurate VINs, a stable network connection is highly recommended for this function.
CAUTION: Don’t connect or disconnect any test equipment with ignition on or engine running.
A. Once the system successfully obtains the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) information of the currently identified vehicle, it will continue scanning the vehicle systems. After the scanning is complete, a diagnostic report will be automatically generated and sent to your email box (if bound).
B. If the tool failed to access the VIN information, the screen will display as below:


Input the VIN, and tap “OK”, the system will automatically identify the vehicle
model. If the vehicle VIN is successfully decoded, it will perform autodiagnosis
until a diagnostic report is automatically output. Otherwise it will
enter manual diagnosis mode.
• The most recognizable location for this number is in the top left corner on the
vehicle’s dashboard. Other locations include the driver’s door or post, and the
firewall under the hood.
• In general, vehicle identification numbers are standardized - all contain 17
characters. VIN characters may be capital letters A through Z and numbers
1 through 0; however, the letters I, O and Q are never used in order to avoid
mistakes of misreading. No signs or spaces are allowed in the VIN.

Launch CRP429C Manual Diagnosis
If the tool can not obtain the VIN information, you can also perform vehicle
diagnosis manually. In this mode, you need to execute the menu-driven
command and then follow the on-screen instruction to proceed.
• Before diagnosing, please make sure the diagnostic program corresponding to certain vehicle model has been installed on your CRP429C.
• For vehicles manufactured by different vendors, it is possible that it has different
diagnostic menus. For details, please follow the instructions on the screen to proceed.Refer to the flowchart illustrated as below to diagnose a vehicle manually:


Take Demo as an example to demonstrate how to diagnose a vehicle.
1). Select diagnostic software version: Tap the “DEMO” to go to Step 2.


2). Select test item: Select the desired test item to proceed.


More information about Launch CRP429C,please check here:

How to Use CGDI MB Prog to Read/Clear/Write Mercedes Benz NEC chips

uobdii | 29 March, 2019 23:41

This mini post show a test report on CGDI Mercedes programmer read,clear,write a NEC chip.And for more CGDI MB programmer test case,please check here:CGDI Benz Test Cases

Note:Download CGDI software here:CGDI BMW BENZ Software Download

step 1 dismantle the key and desolder the NEC chip
step 2 clean the pcb and nec chip before welding back on the board
step 3 identify the nec chip and weld onto the nec board
step 4 select the nec adapter and corresponding chip type
step 5 read key/chip
step 6 reset
cgdi-mb-nec-chip-6 cgdi-mb-nec-chip-7

step 7 if you have key files already, open/write
cgdi-mb-nec-chip-8 cgdi-mb-nec-chip-9 cgdi-mb-nec-chip-10

step 8 read key/chip to confirm the success of key writing
cgdi-mb-nec-chip-11 cgdi-mb-nec-chip-12


CGDI MB is able to read and write NEC chips!

VVDI MB 4.7.0 New Version Update Information

uobdii | 07 March, 2019 23:11

Here is newest VVDI MB Programmer Tool 4.7.0 Update information,and you can download and update it to this version.


Released notes:
1. This update no need update the firmware
2.Password calculation for ALL KEY LOST:
Support W164/W251(-2009), W221 calculate password when all key lost:
a. Support W164/W251(-2009) get key password with slow method (All KEY LOST, 25minutes-1.5hour)
b. Support W221 get key password with VVDIMB Power Adapter (All KEY LOST, no need re-insert IR, 15minutes)
c. Support W221 get key password with slow method (All KEY LOST, 25minutes-1.5hour)

EIS (FBS3) list: all keys lost
VVDIMB support all key lost EIS type (FBS3) as listed below
W166, W197, W212, W218, W246,W172, W204, W207,W216
W164, W251 (-2009)
W164, W251 (2009-)
W169, W209, W211
W202, W208, W210
W203, W463, W639

VVDI MB car list: all keys lost
VVDI MERCEDES version 4.7.0 supports the following models all keys lost  and can program new keys without soldering:
W166 W197 W212 W218 W246
W172 W204 W207
W164 W251 (-2009)
W164 W251 (2009-)
W169 W209 W211
W202 W208 W210 W203 W463 W639
W639 (2009-)
Test: Tested successfully by one of our customers
VVDI MB V4.7.0 confirmed MB W221 AKL All Keys Lost tested successfully by one of a prominent customers in Libya
This perhaps could be the 1st W221 In the world ? to get a set of working keys without having EIS replaced

UOBDII Official Blog All rights reserved VVDI MB 4.7.0 download with FULL list of EIS (FBS3) all keys lost

BMW E/F Scanner Read BMW CAS1-CAS3+ ISN Code Operation Guide

uobdii | 13 February, 2019 21:52

Here I want to share the guide on how to use BMW E/F scanner II to read out BMW CAS1-CAS3+ ISN code.

And for more information please visit BMW E/F Scanner  blog


BMW E/F Scanner Interface:
V2018.12 BMW E/F Scanner II Full Version (Recommend)
2013.07V E/F SCANNER For BMW

The BMW Explorer program has a possibility of reading a code of synchronization of ISN (all versions of CAS1 CAS2 CAS3 CAS3+).
Go to the CAS control unit, “Additional functions”, “Reading ISN”
In the opened window ISN will be displayed.
If the machine is equipped with the EWS3 system where 2 bytes of the constant part and the change are used, it will be displayed in the window 2 bytes of ISN DME (the upper 3 windows will be empty), if necessary they can be changed.

If the machine uses the EWS4 system, then 16 bytes of constant synchronization are used and there is no variable part.
Also after 2006, CAS3 uses an anti-theft code for EGS
If there is an EWS3 system in the car, then this code is the same with the engine control unit, if the machine already has an EWS4 system, then EGS uses separate 2 bytes
The program is in place of the engine ISN, it will display the gearbox code .. as in the picture below
How to Use BMW E/F Scanner Read BMW ISN Code for CAS1-3+
UOBDII All rights reserved How to Use BMW E/F Scanner Read BMW ISN Code

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