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How to diagnose and solve Auto Cylinder Leak

uobdii | 22 August, 2017 21:00

Cylinder leak detection using the cylinder leak detector.The basic principle of the test is to use the compressed air filled into the cylinder, with a pressure gauge to detect the piston at the end of the compression at the end of the cylinder when the Yanhua DR-Key adapter pressure changes, to characterize the entire cylinder group of OBD2 sealing.That is, not only the seal of the piston piston friction, but also to characterize the intake and exhaust valve, cylinder liner, cylinder head and cylinder seal.

 (1) cylinder leak detector structure and working principleDomestic QLY-1 type cylinder leak detection Diagspeed MB Key device mainly by the pressure reducing valve, intake pressure gauge, measuring table, calibration orifice, rubber hose, quick change pipe fittings and inflatable mouth and other components, as shown in Figure 2-12 The In addition, there must be an external air supply, a pointer to the piston position and a piston positioning plate.The pressure of the external air supply should be equivalent to the cylinder compression pressure, generally should be 600 ~ 900kPa. Compressed air according to the direction of the arrow into the cylinder leak detector, the pressure from the intake pressure gauge display.

WithAfter which it enters the cylinder at the end of the compression end through the pressure reducing valve Fcar FVCI Passthru tool the calibration orifice plate, the rubber hose, the quick change pipe fitting, and the inflatable nozzle. The pressure change in the cylinder is shown by the gauge. The pressure changesThe condition indicates the seal of the cylinder block.Cylinder Leakage Diagnostic Parameter StandardFor the cylinder leak, China has not developed a unified diagnostic parameters. Auto Repair

QLY-1 Cylinder Air Leakage Detector In the instruction manual, for the engine of the domestic truck, when the inlet, the exhaust valve and the cylinder liner are well sealed, the cylinder seal condition (mainly refers to the cylinder piston) Judgments can be dealt with in Table 2-6. When the meter reading is greater than 250kPa,Cylinder piston with sub-sealing conditions meet the requirements, the engine can continue to use; when the meter reading is less than 250kPa, the cylinder plug with the deputy seal does not meet the requirements of the engine cylinder to be ring or boring cylinder. Transportation industry standard JT / T201-1995 "vehicle maintenance process specifications" in the vehicle before the second maintenance of the use of the reference diagnostic parameters of the standard requirements of domestic Dongfeng EQ1090 and the liberation of CA1091 car cylinder leak, When the cylinder piston is placed in the static compression top dead center position, the measured gauge pressure should be ≥ 250kPa.

Xhorse VVDI Key Programmer Products Introduce

uobdii | 21 August, 2017 21:52

In this article I will introduce Xhorse VVDI Series products to you.The Xhorse VVDI Key Programmer is famous China Key Programmer.

VVDI MB BGA TooL Benz Key Programmer

1. Support BE key, read password and prepare new key via IR.
2. NEC V051,V057 support on board get password 
3. All NEC keys support on board write and erase 
4. Password calculate:support BGA keys,NEC keys(include 51,57version)etc.,work fast.
5. Support renew EIS and ELV
6. Support write EIS and ELV
7. Support online generate key file
8. Unlock ELV function will be released soon.
9. Renew other control modules function will support soon 
Xhorse VVDI PROG Programmer

The built-in update software allows user to update VVDI Prog firmware timely.
High-speed USB communication interface enable the software automatically connect.
Smart operation mode: the possible causes of error will be listed
Reserve ports: for future update.
The self-test function enable you check if the machine works well.
Can supply power via USB cable, the software will automatically prompt if the external USB power supply is needed.

VVDI2 Commander Key Programmer

1. This VVDI2 Full Package Contains PSA Function, AUDI Generation 5, BMW OBD Fucntion and BMW CAS4+ Functions Already, No Need Other Authorization
2. VVDI2 Full Package Covers All the Functions of VVDIVVDI 5th IMMO AdapterBMW Multi Tool & CAS Plus for BMW Multi Tool
3. Support VW, Audi, BMW AND Porsche
4. Update Online Free Lifetime
5. Latest Version: V4.2.5

VVDI Key Tool Remote Key Programmer

 1.Latest version: V2.3.9,Firmware Version: 1.1
2.Xhorse VVDI Key Tool remote maker supports most common remote types in the market; it is reliable and easy to use.
3.VVDI key tool remote generator can perform these functions:edit transponder, clone transponder, test frequency, clone Remote, generate remote, generate garage door remote controller, unlock smart card etc.
4.In a word, Xhorse VVDI Key Tool is a device with multi-functions.
5.With VVDI Key Tool Adapters(SK203-F), can renew different kind of original used remote key(The Adapters need to buy separately,not include in the package). If you need VVDI Key Tool with adapters, please choose SK203-B+SK203-F on our site.
6. Specially for America Cars, if you mainly dealing with other vehicles, could choose SK203-B.

 Here is the french website version

El-50448 GM TPMS relearn tool customers feedbacks

uobdii | 07 February, 2017 23:14

Here a collection of El-50448 GM TPMS relearn tool good feedbacks. Thanks to the real users’ contribution.



  1. works on truck and car: Simple and inexpensive but works great. Much better than going to the dealer or a tire store just to get your pressure sensors reset. I used it on my truck and my wife’s car and it only took a few minutes to reset all four wheels on each.

Well worth the money.

  1. with correct low battery display: I’ve never been able to get my TP sensors to program using the “let air out” method on my 2007 Tahoe. Before I had this tool, I would just remember which tires were which when I rotated them, but no longer. Now, I can reprogram them in just a few seconds and the dash display correctly indicates which tire is low. This tool should have come with the vehicle.
  1. Easy to use: The operation of this product is simple and straightforward. As stated it’s hard to get excited about spending this amount of money just to rotate tires, but considering what dealers would charge, it would not take many trips service visits to pay for the unit. As far as working it does exactly what it says it will do with no drama. Put the vehicle in reset mode and push the button on the unit following directions outlined in the car owners manual.
  1. I could not believe I needed a special tool to rotate my tires. From what I understand 2010 (2011?) and older vehicles, you can use any big magnet to reset your Tire Pressure Sensors. 2011 (2012?) and up to at least my 2013 Silverado, you need one of these gizmos. This one works like a champ, and is the one I found referenced through a GM website.

It is a simple process:
1) Put your key in the ignition, and turn it to run.
2) Press your lock and unlock buttons on your remote until the truck chirps. (There are a few other ways too, but this was easiest).
3) Start with the left front tire; the blinker light for that tire should light up to let you know which tire needs programming. Cool right?
4) Put this gizmo to the tire next to the stem, and press the button. After 3 seconds or so, the truck chirps
4) Then the front right blinker is on, and thats your next tire. Press the gizmo to the tire and press the button. Continue on to the rear right, and finish with the rear left. All the while following the blinker. Takes all of 3 minutes.
On one hand $50+ is a lot to ensure my tire pressure sensors are all aligned properly (I rarely look at them. On the other hand, I have a new tool and no strangers need to touch my truck.

  1. Wide GM vehicle coverage: The deflate method is verified ok only on Chevrolet Volt 2011 year, with the El-50448 TPMS relearn tool, I could get the 4 TPMS programmed in less than one minute. El-50448 could program TPMS on GM 2010-2013 year.

you can find the tool at any GM dealership, or buy it off online e.g I have a link here:

 El-50448 GM TPMS relearn tool price is 50usd by Paypal with delivery (15-20 working days) and pay more shipping fee; you could receive the package in 3-5 working days by DHL. PS: when you receive the package you can find it includes not charger and battery, if you need them, you need pay additional 10 usd.

More information about TPMS Activation tools:

OBDSTAR X300M Odometer adjustment Car List

uobdii | 19 January, 2017 03:28

OBDSTAR X300M is another new odometer adjustment tool launched by OBDSTAR. It’s designed completly according to industrial standard.It’s easy to take away and shockproofed.
OBDSTAR X300M Vehicle Coverage:

OBDSTAR X300M  Mileage Programmer Car Model Test OK (Customer Feedback)
focus 2013 OK
fiesta 2012 OK
grand punto 2010 OK
punto 2007 OK
grand cherokee 2013 OK
astraj 2010 2011 2012 NOT OK
Fiat fiorino obd ok
Audi A4 2007… in 20 seconds by OBD.
2013 jetta mono display ok.
Chevrolet CRUZE 2012, Read security code ok and Mileage ok
Cruze 13 miles ok
Volkswagen Amarok 2014 ok ( chose golf NEC 24C64 white meter 2013-)
Porsche Cayenne 2012 mileage OK
Skoda Octavia 2010 nec+24c32 VDO mileage OK
Skoda Superb 2012 via obd mileage ok
Polo 2004 VDO k Line mileage OK
have made KM visteon dash 95320 vw golf 5 with success, just plug and play
Mazda 6-2015 via obd -ok
Mazda 3-204-2015 obd-ok
Octavia 2012-nec24c64-ok
2010 Cadillac escalade odo via obd – ok
fiat qubo/fiorino obd ok
audi a4l 2012 by obd ok
KIA Sportage 2014 + with D70F3536 (no external EEPROM) ok
KIA Optima 2014 + with D70F3536 (no external EEPROM) ok
KIA Sorento 2014+ with D70F3523 (no external EEPROM) ok
Hyundai I20 2015+ with D70F35xx (no external EEPROM) ok
Hyundai Genesis 2015+ with D70F3523 (no external EEPROM) ok
hyundai accent (korea) 24c16 obd not ok but choose AZERA D70F3423 and read km write ok and did same with RIO but choose kia ceed D70F3423
even when i open dash they had 24c16 and D70F3423 hope that saves time for you as did to me
2012 jetta nec+24c64 black/white display-20 sec ok
Ford Ecosport 2014 1 min by obd ok, It’s like new fiesta same cluster Ecosport
Citroen Nemo 2008 – OK
Fiat Fiorino 2010 – OK
Fiat Fiorino 2012 – OK
VW T5 2011 – OK
Chevrolet Cruze 2010 – OK
Chevrolet Cruze 2011 – OK
Dodge Durango 2007 (as Chrysler RAM 2006-2008) – OK
Hyundai Accent 2011 – OK
Hyundai Accent 2012 – OK
Opel Insignia 2010 – OK
Peugeot Bipper 2012 – OK
Mazda cx-9 2008 ok

More info about obdstar x300 mileage programmer:

Launch M-Diag OBD2 Diagnostic Tool Instruction

uobdii | 16 January, 2017 22:34

Launch M-Diag is a professional OBD2 auto diagnostic tool designed for technician. The device is small and portable, yet powerful enough to rival its competitors.

Launch M-Diag diagnostic tool function:

  1.I/M Readiness Monitor
  2.Read DTC’s
  3.Clear DTC’s
  4.Read Freeze Frame Data
  5.Read and Graph Data Stream PID’s
  6.Full System Scan *
  7.Actuation Tests *
  8.Special Functions *

M-Diag Manual:
   Vehicle port: Standard OBDll port

   Bluetooth: BT2.0
   Typical power consumption: (12V) quiescent current25mA
   Device operating current: 35mA
   Operating Temperature: -20 to55( -4to131°F)
   Storage Temperature:  -30 to70°C( -22 to158°F)
   Storage humidity: < 80%
   Operating humidity: < 60%
   Dimensions: 48mm x24mm x65mm
   Net Weight: 55g
   Operating voltage: Vehicle battery DC entry 9 to15V

OBDSTAR X300M Mileage Programmer Update procedure

uobdii | 06 January, 2017 22:10

OBDSTAR X300M is designed by OBDSTAR Company to be most devoted and professional only for Mileage Programming.And this site to tell you how to update for obdstar x300m.

More article about OBDSTAR,Pls visit:

Download the update tool and diagnostic software on ,double click,then go to the next step.
Step 1: Click “Next”
Step 2: Click “Next”


Step 3: Click “Next”

Step 4: Click “Finish”


Above we have installed update tool,and the start software updating.
After Update Tool installation completed,click the update tool software icon on desktop to start the update tools.Operation steps as following:
Step 1:Open update tool

Step 2:Click the source menu,choose the program you want to update,click it and confirm.
Step 3:Click and select all the software the click “update”


Step 4: Wait for several minutes the the updating finished.

Note: For new update software and questions during updateing,pls contact our service.

Article fromOBDSTAR X300M Update Instruction

XTUNER E3 Wireless OBDII Diagnostic Tool Vehicle Model List

uobdii | 28 December, 2016 22:32

XTUNER E3 WINDOWS 10 Wireless OBDII Diagnostic Tool Pefect Replacement For VPECKER Easydiag.


XTUNER E3 Diagnostic Tool Vehicle Model List:

Vehicle Coverage
US domestic: CHRYSLER, FORD, GM, JEEP, SCION, etc.
Australian: HOLDEN and FORD (AUSTRALIA).


More information about XTUNER E3:

Article from OBD2 BLOG Site:

XTUNER E3 WIFI Diagnostic Tool Replace VPECKER Easydiag

How to choose Toyota diagnostic tool?

uobdii | 21 December, 2016 00:06

Tihs article is about Toyota Diagnostic Tool,we share top 3 hot diagnostics for Toyota.

1 Toyota MINI VCI cable
2 Denso Intelligent Tester IT2

The top 3 hot Toyota diagnostic interfaces is based on scientific analysis of many websites, including, obd365, eobdtool…

TOP 1 – mini vci Techstream cable ($26.99)


Cheap Xhorse-made knock-off
Popular Techstream 10.10.039 (tested by thousands of users)
– High reliability using SMD chip, and certified by CE and FCC
ALL communication protocols supported for Toyota (1996 – latest):
K-Line ISO 9141/KWP 2000 ISO 14230-4/SAE J1850 PWM/SAE J1850 VPW/CAN 2.0B ISO 11898 /CAN ISO 15765-4




The knock off cables use 1.4.1 or 1.4.6 (latest). The “real” cables use 2.0.1 or 2.0.4 (latest). They are all fake of course but the good fakes use the same firmware as the real Xhorse cable. The 1.4.1 firmware does not support active tests. The cable will work on 10 year old Toyotas like some in the GS forum have said but they will not work on the 2011 Prius as some on PriusChat have said.


TOP 2 – Intelligent Tester ITII ($285)


Newest version: 2016.7
– Multilanguage: English/ German/ French/ Spanish/ Italian/ Chinese
More accurate diagnosis through CAN communication for 16pin Toyota (1996 – 2010 better):
– Speed: 50 times faster than the conventional
– Easy operation: touch panel 5.7 inch full color LCE display



better hardware design than mini vci and Denso IT2
multi-system: WINDOWS XP and Windows 7/8/10
– multilanguage: Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, ect.
WIFI wireless connection
12V and 24V communication
– model: diagnostic test for heavy truck and diesel models till 2016
– VCX is a standard Passthru programming tool, which can do online ECU programming

Mini vci cable is more suitable for the green hand to do basic diagnosis
Denso IT2 is ideal for technicians because of its high speed during operation
VXDIAG NANO for Toyota at a reasonable price, is the best choice for individual users and professional repairing men with better hardware design and powerful function (ECU diagnosis & programming, key programming).
From UOBDII Official Blog, post How to choose TOYOTA diagnostic tool?

Which BMW key programmer do you know?

uobdii | 13 December, 2016 22:18

BMW key lost or need a clone? which BMW key programmer to use?
When you plan to buy a BMW key programmer online, have you wonder which key programmer do I know? Have you ask yourself or your friends like this “among these BMW key programmer supplied by the seller, which one should I buy”?
In the following parts, I will list some BMW key programmers, and generally tell you their similarities and differences.


AK90 Key Programmer AK90+ For All BMW EWS
Newest AK90 BMW KEY-PROG V3.19 is a safe and effecitive key match tool for BMW EWS system. It covers EWS2.1/EWS2.2/EWS3/EWS3.3/EWS4/EWS4.4,can read all EWS key information from 1995-2005.
Newest version:V3.19
AK90 Functions:
1. Directly reading data dumps from MCU which marked 1D47J , 2D47J , 0D46J ,2L86D without removing MCU from circuit board , easy to do yourself.
2. With the help of software you can renew , lock or unlock keys as well.
3. Programming original chips “EML 10030A” for making keys .
4. Identifying keys for all EWS and CAS , showing VIN , key No. It can change VIN, can change mileage in ews.
BMW CAS AK300 AK300+ V1.5 Key Maker
AK300+ BMW CAS Key Maker (Support in 2002 -2009 years) especially for BMW CAS system key programmer.Support new BMW CAS,CAS2,CAS3,CAS3+. Automatic analysis CAS data,easy to match keys.
AK300 highlights in features and functions:
Language: English, Chinese
Operation System: Windows XP
Car Coverage: BMW 2002 -2009 Year
Firmware Version: 1.16
Software Version: 1.50
Support new BMW CAS,CAS2,CAS3,CAS3+. Automatic analysis CAS data
AK300+ Features:
1 BMW CAS supports a diagnosis of communication directly through the OBD port or through the CAN BUS port security to read and write data EEPROM;
2 automatic analysis CAS data, automatically displays the BMW keys to use quantity; key tooth number; remote control frequency; CAS with the DME synchronization ID; keys scrapped the state, etc.;
3 supports key scrapped or restart using the old key; this technology unmatched global technology;
4 supporting the rehabilitation of CAS computer (due to transfer table is damaged or programming lock);
5 supports the new 2002-2009 BMW CAS; CAS2; CAS3; CAS3+
6 support the horse CAS; CAS 2; CAS 3; CAS 3 + BMW and BMW remote key. E65/E66/E87/E60/E61/E90/E91/E92/E93/E71/E71

HiTag2 V3.1 Programmer
HiTag2 v.3.1 programmer is universal key programmer, with additional options of key programming from dump and PIN extraction. Just insert blank key or appropriate transponder you need to program. Device detects transponder type and will do everything automatically.
Language: English
1.BMW (CAS1/2/3/3 +) at 912/9S12 immo + remote control, editing, KM, VIN, reading data from the key, read / write eeprom of the transponder, reading data from remote
2.AUDI (Kessy) on 93C66 immo + remote, read PIN, edit VIN number and immo
3.VW (Kessy) on 93C86 immo + remote, read PIN, edit VIN number and immo
4.PORSCHE (Kessy) on 93C86 immo + remote, read PIN, edit VIN number and immo
5.BENTLEY (Kessy) on 93C86 immo + remote, read PIN, edit VIN number and immo
6.CHRYSLER (State) on the 95040/95080 immo + remote, read PIN, VIN Edition
7.LAND ROVER (EWSE) to immo 9S12, editing VIN
8.NISSAN (NATS) at 95,080 immo
9.OPEL (CIM) in the 9S12 immo + remote, read PIN, VIN Edition
10.RENAULT (UCH) on 93C66 immo + remote, read PIN, VIN Edition
11.SAAB (CIM) for the 93LC66 immo + pilot edition of the VIN
1. Latest versions of HiTag2 transponders are fully supported.
2. Widest range of supported cars, using HiTag2 protocol.
3. Deep research work, has allowed us to make device, as much as possible correctly adding keys in the car, without damage to its functionality!
4. Correct BMW keys programming – RADIO REMOTE is working.
If you want to know more about BMW key programmer,you can visit our online shop

Article from:

Making choices of INPA, Carsoft, EDIABAS as BMW Diagnostic Tool

uobdii | 12 December, 2016 22:15

What is the software of choice for diagnosing BMW? I realize that people have different needs so here I will enumerate three bmw diagnostic tools to offer reference for you.

1st choice: BMW INPA K+CAN With FT232RQ Chip with Switch



  • $16.99
  • Works on BMW with 8 pin and with K-LINE protocol
  • Features: Read and delete errors, Adaptations, Driver programming, Applu coding, etc…
  • Supports Protocols:
  • Fast magisterial D-CAN and PT-CAN (500 kbit/s)
  • Slow magisterial K-CAN (100 kbit/s)
  • Standard BMW protocol (BMW OBD interface).
  • INPA is a diagnostic interpreter program that communicates with your car usingBMW’s own factory developed Electronic Diagnosis and Information protocol (EDIABAS). INPA is a powerful and comprehensive diagnostic tool but there is no simple handbook available that I know of which will comprehensively explain its operation or functions. The bottom line with INPA is if you do not understand what a particular function does, you are probably better off leaving that function alone, but having said that, the level of diagnostic functionality is truly exceptional.

2nd choice: BMW Carsoft 6.5 ECU programmer



  • $42.99
  • Features: Service interval reset, component activation, live data, LCM reading, sync. EWS and ECU, adaptation values, and coding.
  • Supports Vehicles:

E30, AB From 1998, E36, KOMBI Except kompakt, ZKE From 1994, ZVM Till 1994, E46, Z3, E34, KOMBI From 02/98, E39, E53-X5, E32

  • Carsoft is designed to allow home-mechanics to read and erase fault codes and reset service intervals. It has the capability to access most modules in your car including airbags, can display live engine data on post 1996 models and test components such as power windows and central locking.

3rd choice: BMW EDIABAS OBDII RS232 Interface



  • $29.99
  • EDIABAS can accomplish virtually any programming/diagnostic or coding function, but since it is only a computer protocol, requires seperate programs to interface between the user and EDIABAS so that it can receive and trasmit instructions. For example INPA communicates with EDIABAS to perform diagnostics, NCS to perform coding and NFS to perform programming functions. NCS and NFS are not particularly user-friendly and require fairly intimate knowledge of BMW systems to use. If used incorrectly, programs which communicate via EDIABAS have the potential to destroy computer modules, making replacement the only viable option.

From UOBDII Official Blog, post Making choices of INPA, Carsoft, EDIABAS as BMW Diagnostic Tool

SUBARU FreeSSM V1.2.5 OBD2 Cable diagnostic tool software installation

uobdii | 05 December, 2016 22:46

This is the instruction on how to install / make the SUBARU FreeSSM V1.2.5 software and OBD2 diagnostic Cable work.


Operating system:
Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

English, German


Steps to make the software and adapter work
Step 1 – Plug in your SUBARU OBD2 Cable, let your computer find the drivers automatically.
If not the cables usually come with a CD with the drivers, use this.
If not do some searching on the internet.
It really depends on which cable you get.
Ps. The OBDII cable from uobd2 required no setup, plugged in, found, done. Works on Windows XP, Vista and 7 OS.
Step 2 – Install the software
On the main screen go to Preferences
On the drop down: Serial Port
Select which COM port your adapter is on
If you have no idea with I am talking about:
On your keyboard hold the windows button and push Pause/Break
Click Device Manager
Select Ports (COM & LPT)
Your adapter should be listed here
Right click the adapter, select Properties
Under Port Settings, Advanced you can see which port it is on, you can change this to another # if you want.
This path may be different depending on which OS you use.
Step 3 – Plug into the OBD II connector with the key on and “Test Diagnostic Interface” under Preferences.
If it all checks out you are good to go.
Here are some screenshots of FreeSSM V1.25 software.
Click on either Engine or Transmission




ECU Capabilities


Here in the Measuring blocks you can click the + sign and select what parameters you want to view real time data from.
Select as many parameters as you want.




Functional Tests, you have to connect the green connector under the dash for this to work.


TCU Capabilities


Measuring Blocks


If you look closely there is 1 parameter that have been changed.



Article from: site: How to install SUBARU FreeSSM V1.2.5 diagnostic cable

VVDI MB Tool NEC Key Adapter User Manual

uobdii | 01 December, 2016 22:51

This is user manual of Mercedes-Benz NEC key adapter for VVDI MB Tool 








NEC Key Adapter support versions:

Without soldering/Without wire jumper/Not need other adapter

Updating support more versions
Support V51 V57 get password directly
Support normal keys v28 v35 v40 v51 v57 renew on board
Support keyless go keys v03 v06 v07 v08 v09 v61 renew on board
Support normal keys v28 v35 v40 v51 v57 write key file by IR or on board
Support keyless go keys v03 v05 v06 v07 v08 v09 v59 v61 write key file by IR or on board
NoteNEC Key Apapter is optional, and renew ESL adapter under developing, will be released later.

How to read/write key via NEC adapter using vvdi benz?
here are the NEC adapter wiring diagram




ECU adapter in use


Tech support from
From UOBDII Official Blog, post VVDI MB Tool NEC Key Adapter User Manual

How to use xhorse VVDI2 for remote frequency test

uobdii | 29 November, 2016 22:50

Remote frequency test for Xhorse vvdi2 key programmer is a very useful function. Remote key’s frequency can be auto detected by VVDI2 from main device.


  1. connect the VVDI2 tool to PC,press and hold ‘F’ button on vvdi2 (frequency), place remote key on check area and use any button on your remote key
  2. FSK calibration with 315 MHZ frequency keys, recommend key number: 8T0xx754C or 8T0xx754J

3.After FSK calibration ok, will auto show you ASK calibration, with VW 434.42MHZ for ASK calibration, recommend key number: 1K0959753N
From UOBDII Official Blog, post How to use xhorse VVDI2 for remote frequency test

OBDSTAR X300 X-300 DP Vehicle Model List

uobdii | 23 November, 2016 22:53

OBDSTAR X300 DP is the first tablet of OBDSTAR, which has reached a higher level in key programming and diagnosis. Inheriting from OBDSTAR professional auto programming and advanced diagnosing technology, X300 DP is characterized by covering wide range of vehicles, featuring powerful function, and providing superior quality. Meanwhile, taking advantage of Android system, X300 DP integrates more application and service, such as Maintenance Database, remote assistant, and One Key Update etc.

OBDSTAR X300 DP Key Master  vehicle coverage:


More information about OBDSTAR X300 DP:


Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer vs FlyOBD FVDI2 Abrites commander

uobdii | 08 November, 2016 22:44

Here is a detailed comparison of Xhorse-made VVDI 2 ii commander key programmer and FLY-made FVDI 2 ii Abrites Commander.



*** Similarities ***

FVDI2 and VVDI2 ABRITES Commanders share the similar functions, including basic diagnostic, key programming, J2534 adapters etc.


*** Differences ***


2016 VVDI II: $2,150

2016 FVDI II: $1,369


Newest Version

Xhorse VVDI II: v1.1.7

Fly FVDI II: V24



VVDI ii and FVDI ii software: no need activation



VVDI II: English/Chinese

FVDI II: English, Germany, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Danish, Czech, Chinese, and Bulgarian



All commanders can be updated; VVDI 2 is much easier than FVDI 2.

VVDI 2: update online with free download software for lifetime

FVDI 2: For customers with old FVDI Commander from, ysend the FVDI Commander hardware and soft-dongle back and pay 300.00USD extra to get a new FVDI 2, with the same car model software+ free FLY OBD Terminator software + all J2534 DrewTech Software.

Note: (if you lose the soft-dongle, you need pay another 90.00USD, if you have both hardware and soft-dongle, you just need pay 300.00USD)


Vehicle coverage

VVDI2 commander: covers VW, Audi, BMW, Porsche vehicles

Item Name&No VVDI2 Full Version
VVDI Basic Version
and VW Module Plus 5th IMMO Authorization

VVDI Basic Version Only
VVDI Basic Version+BMW


Price $2150.00 $1550.00 $499.00 $1079.00
VW × ×
Porsche × × ×
5th AUDI Authorization +320USD (SV86-2) ×
BMW OBD Authorization +720USD (SV86-3) +720USD (SV86-3)
BMW CAS4 + Authorization +260USD (SV86-4) +260USD (SV86-4) +260USD (SV86-4)


FVDI2 Abrites Commander: VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda cars from 1996-2014

FREE to get:

1) Honda HDS V3.016 + 

2) JLR SDD V145.00 + 

3) TIS V11.00.017 + 

4) VCM IDS + 

5) OBD Termination software:

– VAG-VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda immobilizer Generation 4

– VAG-VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda immobilizer Generation 5

– AUDI A6/Q7 immobilizer Generation 4,5

6) DAF or Bikes software



Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer:


1) Core function: To detect the remote control frequency

2) Multi-functions on VAG vehicles

Read & write Immo4/Immo5 system

Learn key

Program BCM remote

K-Line instrument immobilizer box

Correct odometer

Program control unit

Unlock Immo1/Immo2 firmware protection

Support data manipulation tools

3) OBD functions on BMW vehicles

Correct odometer

Generate key

Unlock Key

4) Fix CAS4 EEPROM key programmer

Generate specialized chips

Immobilizer data processing tool

Other key tools

Generate remote control

5) supports third-party diagnostic software:

To perform VVDI2 diagnostic function, third-party diagnostic software (ODIS, Toyota TIS techstream etc.) should be compatible with J2534 function.

6) Plug-in function, reserved connectors 

VVDI 2 can act as a multifunction programmer to connect plug-ins, and read & write IC and CPU data.

Can read and write Benz IR key, Can program key for old and new Mercedes–Benz, Can connect BMW plug to realize OBD function, And meanwhile reserve some connectors for further uses.


FLY FVDI2 Diagnostics:


Standard diagnostic functions:

  1. Connect to the device using KWP2000 over TP2.0, KWP2000 over TP1.6, UDS over ISO transport protocol (CAN), KWP1281 or KWP2000 over K-Line
  2. For all electronic control units reading identification data
  3. For all electronic control units read error (DTCs)
  4. For all electronic control units clear error (DTCs)
  5. Output tests
  6. Control unit coding
  7. Scan all units
  8. Broadcast requests
  9. Measured values
  10. Adaptation


Special functions:

Instrument CAN

– Mileage recalibration by OBDII – VW Golf 6, VW Multivan 2009+, VW EOS 2009+, VW Caddy 2009+, VW Scirocco, VW Polo 2009+, VW Bora 2010+, VW Jetta 2010+, VW Passat CC, VW Amarok, Skoda Octavia II 2009+, Skoda Superb 2009+, Skoda Fabia 2009+, Skoda Yeti 2009+, Seat Leon 2009+, Seat Altea 2009+, Seat Exeo 2009+, Seat Ibiza 2009+, …

– Added support for VDO Instrument Cluster 2006+

– Read/Program memory of instrument cluster immobilizer

– Reading security access code of the IMMOBILIZER

– Reading security code (PIN) and component protection by OBDII – VW CRAFTER

– Read/Write immobilizer data in VDO dashboards with NEC microcontroller (2009+) by OBDII

– Read/Write immobilizer related data
EZS – Kessy (Q7/A6/Allroad)

– With this function you can prepare dealer key/learn dealer key

– Read/Write eeprom from EZS – Kessy (Q7/A6/Allroad)
Instrument K-Line

– With this function you can establish disgnostic session with the Instrument cluster via K-Line (KWP1281 or KWP2000)

– You can Read/Change odometer value

– Read PIN code

– Read/Write eeprom

– Read ROM/Flash from the Instrument cluster

– Automatic removing of “DEF error” for Audi A4 instrument cluster BOSCH RB8
Engine Control Unit

– Read EDC17/MED17 flash memory

– Read/Write of flash memory (EDC15, EDC16 all types Read/Write Flash memory via OBDII (K and CAN). Calculation of

checksums while programming, ME7.1.1, MED9.x, ME7.5)

– Read/Write flash counters (EDC16)

– Read/Write eeprom (VAG-EDC15x, VAG-ME7.1.1, VAG-ME7.1, VAG-ME7.5, VAG-Cartronic ME7.8.)

– Extracting Security access code / PIN (EDC15, ME7.x, VAG-Cartronic ME7.8, EDC16, EDC17, MED9.x, Simos PPD)

– Extracting Component security bytes (EDC15, ME7.x, VAG-Cartronic ME7.8, EDC16, MED17.5.1, MED 9.x, Simos PPD)

– Enable/Disable immobilizer (EDC15, ME7.x, EDC16)

– Mileage recalibration (EDC15, EDC16)
Component Protection Manager

– Component Protection Manager – adaptation of spare part (used electronic control units) and programming component protection of Audi A6/Q7/Allroad/A4/A5/Q5
ECU adaptation by OBDII

– ECU adaptation by OBDII – EDC16, EDC17, MED17, MED9, Simos petrol, SIMOS PPD Diesel, ME7.5.20, ME 7.5.30
BCM2 – Audi A4/A5/Q5 2007+ key programming

– The special function makes possible to learn keys for A4/A5/Q5 2007+ vehicles with the BCM2 immobilizer
Steering Lock adaptation

– The window “Steering lock adaptation” can be used for adaptation of steering lock control module to the VW Touareg/VW Phaeton/Porsche Cayenne/Bentley Continental/Audi A8.

This adaptation can be by CAN TP2.0 or K-KWP2000
TV activation ED1/ED2

– Using this special function you can change speed limit of MMI compatible vehicles to change speed where TV becomes OFF
Key programming/adaptation

– Programming keys by OBDII (VAG with 16 bytes Component Security) – VW Crafter, Audi R8, VW Golf 6, VW Multivan 2009+, VW EOS 2009+, VW Caddy 2009+, VW Scirocco,

VW Polo 2009+, VW Bora 2010+, VW Jetta 2010+, Skoda Octavia II 2009+, Skoda Superb 2009+, Skoda Fabia 2009+, Skoda Yeti 2009+, Seat Leon 2009+, Seat Altea 2009+,

Seat Exeo 2009+, Seat Ibiza 2009+, … Free for owners of AN024+AN026

– UNLIMITED production of TP22/TP23/TP24/TP25 transponders from a Megamos 48. Free for all owners of AN024, ZN001

– No more precoded transponders (TA2/TA3/TA4/TA5) are used for the key-learning. Instead any Megamos 48 Crypto transponder can be used. Free for all owners of ZN001

– Extracting of the 7th byte Component Security from a working key of the car (Megamos, Hitag2). Free for all owners of AN024, ZN001


– With this function you can learn key/transponder to the vehicle
Dump tool

– With this function you can calculate security access codes, change odometer and so on from EEPROM dump from the corresponding unit

– Read/Write complete EEPROM of airbag control units Siemens (CAN bus – ISO15765). Audi A6/Q7/Allroad, VW Golf5…, Skoda Octavia II …, Seat Altea …

– With this special function you can Read/Write EEPROM memory of the airbag module

– Clear the crash data of the airbag module
Custom Read/Write

– Using this application you can read/program memory in some electronic control unit
PIN Convertor

Service interval

– Using this function you can perform reset of the service reminder, reset of the service interval parameters or change service interval options

– Service intervals reset for the models with UDS diagnostics
Remote control adaptation
– Using this application, you can learn remote controls


– Using this application, you can enable/disable the “Eject” button of the “Navigation” system
Cruise control system

– Using this application, you can activate/deactivate a cruise control system and change the related

steering wheel electronics( SWE) configuration if SWE unit is available
Brake pads change

– Using this application, you can “Open rear parking brake for pad change”, “Close rear parking

brake”, perform “Parking brake function test”



*** Conclusion ***

VVDI II is the best choice for VAG group. FVDI II covers the most vehicles than VVDI II.


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