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XTOOL PS90,XTOOL PS80 and AutoProPad,Which is Better?

uobdii | 30 August, 2018 23:17

Xtool PS90, PS80, AutoProPad and AutoProPad Lite are almost the same and different in some aspects.

Xtool PS90,XTOOL PS80 and the AutoProPad/Lite: All Units have the same functionality incl. diagnosis on a wide range of car models, special functions (eeprom, ecu reset, GAS, Hang, light, ostbms, EPB, TPS, TPMSRESET), EPS for American / Asian / China-made/ European cars, Immobilizer for many cars, mileage adjustment, service light reset etc.
The king would be the PS90 because of the hardware and its ports.
There are 3 firmware 1.PS90>>2.PS80>>3.autopropad all three have the same coverage. The lite came out in February to have a lower cost tablet. That tablet comes with less coverage, no camera, no kc100.

Frequently Free update online
Firstly browse official site, click on “Service & support”, then “Update Notice” (Most are PS90) as well as “Download update tools”.
It’s second year and no upgrade fees have been collected as of yet.
Xtool Company have tried their best to make the tool better.

The price has difference between Xtool PS90/80 from china and the US.
Xtool PS90 (China) sales for about 1300USD free shipping, shipped by DHL.
Xtool PS90 amazon: 1300USD
Xtool PS90 aliexpress: 1300USD

English and Chinese

Regardless, Xtool tools especially PS90 is a great machine to have, saves a lot of AD tokens, I’m happy with it.
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