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OBDSTAR H110 Customers Feedback: Work perfect

uobdii | 10 October, 2018 23:05

OBDSTAR H110 VAG key program & KM change Feedback, most users test it works perfectly.

  1. Dash Touran 10/2014 ok
  1. Skoda Fabia 12/2016 Mileage change works.

obdstar-h110-skoda-fabia-mileage-change-01 obdstar-h110-skoda-fabia-mileage-change-02

  1. OBDSTAR H110 good tool i have made a key for vw polo and vento working fine and for km also good.

obdstar-h110-vw-polo-2013-nec-24c32-key-programming-01 obdstar-h110-vw-polo-2013-nec-24c32-key-programming-02 obdstar-h110-vw-polo-2013-nec-24c32-key-programming-03 obdstar-h110-vw-polo-2013-nec-24c32-key-programming-04 obdstar-h110-vw-polo-2013-nec-24c32-key-programming-05

  1. VW Sharan 2015 km change ok


  1. MK7 Golf Yes

Cannot use a used key. Need new transponder.
obdstar-h110- mk7-golf-01 obdstar-h110- mk7-golf-02 obdstar-h110- mk7-golf-03 obdstar-h110- mk7-golf-04 obdstar-h110- mk7-golf-05

  1. Audi A4 2014 Key program ok


  1. Skoda Fabia 12/2016 Mileage change works.

alt alt

  1. VW Sharan 2015 km change ok


  1. "5 – 2014. Ok
    "6 – 2017. Ok
    Fabia MQB 1016. Ok
    Golf 2015 1.4. MQB Ok
  1. support lost keys for VW group as long as the IMMO is not higher than 4th generation.
  1. Passat B6 2008 cdc km correction okay.
  1. Skoda Superb 2010 immo area read okay.
    T5 2012 immo area read okay. 
  1. Sharan 2014 color display
    eeprom read okay
    immo area read okay
    km correction okay.

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