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TOPDON ArtiPad I:How to Feedback Diagnostic Logs?

uobdii | 15 July, 2019 23:35

TOPDON ArtiPad I have diagnostic logs feedback function,you can feedback the your diagnostic logs to TOPDON engineer.

This item allows you to feedback your diagnostic problems to us for analysis and
Tap “Feedback”, a pop-up message will appear:


Tap “CONFIRM” to choose the vehicle diagnostic record page.


A). Tap the desired vehicle to enter the TOPDON ArtiPad I Diagnostic Tool diagnostic log selection page.


Select the check box and tap “Submit”. A screen similar to the following will


Choose the failure type and fill in the detailed failure description in the blank text
box and telephone or email address. After inputting, tap “Submit Result” to send
it to us.

B). Tap “History”, the diagnostic logs marked with different color indicate the process status of the diagnostic feedback. Green/Red/Blue means the diagnostic feedback is fixed/pending/in process respectively.

For more details about  TOPDON ArtiPad I Diagnostic Tool,please check here:


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