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BMW ICOM A2 NCS Expert change miles to km on BMW Z4 M3 X3

uobdii | 22 September, 2016 00:35

Found lots of threads about BMW changing miles to km. Here i would share my experience of odometer programming.
I did a few changes on my Z4, M3 and X3 through ICOM A2 emulator running with NCS Expert.
Worked great!
I did on the Z4:
– open/closing Top with key
– Open/closing top doesn’t stop when start driving
– disabled belt beep.
– blinking lock/ unlock car
– LED in mirror
– disable Miami setting (locks close when faster than 15 km/h)
– full moon brake light when hard braking
– Brake-Force-Light. third brake light flashes when ABS kicks in.
As I remember there was a setting for miles and km/h. I need to check the SW_PSW.trc file.. I might have it in an old email

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